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Glasses Trends for 2016

woman with glasses

Optometrists know that glasses aren’t just for helping people see better. They also help people express themselves, match with clothing and accessories, and accentuate their personal style. The right pair of glasses can help put an entire look together. Obviously it’s important that everyone has the right prescription, but isn’t it always better when the right prescription comes with the right chicness?

When we’re looking for what to stock and how to help you match your new seasonal ensemble, it’s not a bad idea to look at what’s happening in the world of fashion. We’ve noticed that modern cat eye sunglasses are just as much a staple as ever. Big, bold, cute and saucy, cat eye glasses can make a genuine smile look even more expressive. We’re also seeing darker shaded sunglasses. For anyone who looks best with a deeper, darker color palate this is sure to please. If you’re prone to using driving glasses for practical purposes, this can blend in with your everyday look for maximum exposure.

Thick, colorful frames are just as trendy as ever, and whenever you want to jazz things up a bit with a bright and cheery, canary yellow, or a fabulously, flirty fuchsia, this could be a godsend. Dark can be drab, so it’s always nice to have a way to change things up a bit, especially when you’re out and about in spring or summer. Whenever you want something more lively, it’s great to have that option.

Fashion can be functional and funky, so it’s great to see that funky shapes and over-sized glasses are alive and well. It’s always wonderful to have the option to mix practicality with style and to blend your own expressiveness with our prescription eyewear.