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Why You Should Have Regular Eye Exams

girl getting eye exam

Many people underestimate the importance of receiving routine, comprehensive eye exams. It is recommended that you see an optometrist once a year to ensure that your prescriptions are up-to-date, check for symptoms of eye disease and potentially lower your health care costs.

Keep Your Vision Clear

For patients with refractive errors in their vision such as nearsightedness, regular eye exams will ensure that your prescriptions are working. Changes in visual acuity are gradual and therefore often go unnoticed. Regular eye exams are especially important for children, who may not understand that their vision is not clear.

Check for Eye Disease

If left untreated, eye diseases such as glaucoma can lead to permanent vision impairment. Many of these diseases do not display symptoms in their early stages and require close inspection to be noticed. Early detection of eye diseases reduces the risk of vision loss.

Lower Health Care Costs

Some health conditions, such as diabetes and high cholesterol, can be detected early by eye doctors when they exam the blood vessels in your eye. They may even notice these problems before your regular health care professional. This can give the patient access to early treatment and significantly reduce the costs of disease management.

If it has been a year or more since your last eye exam, contact Harry W. Chan, OD to learn more and make an appointment.