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Our Experienced Optometrists

The Fremont, CA, office of Harry W. Chan, OD, can meet your ongoing or one-time vision care needs. Whether you have a serious problem or simply need to have your eyes examined, our optometrists will help to correct your vision and ensure that you can see clearly again.

We utilize the latest in technology and advancements in the vision field to provide the best solutions to our patients.

Notice a Problem? Call Our Eye Doctor Now!

If you notice a problem with your eyes—such as itchy eyes, dry eyes, redness, a burning sensation, blurred vision, light sensitivity, or any other vision or eye health problems—you should visit us as soon as possible. We can diagnose and treat the problem right away and restore your vision again in no time. The longer you wait to have your vision checked and corrected, the worse the problem will become over time.

You shouldn’t have to wait to have your vision restored. You deserve to have clear vision, and we can help you to achieve this. Our optometrists can also provide tips on how to protect and enhance your eyesight, reduce vision loss, and preserve your vision as you age.

Vision Aids and Supplemental Eyewear

Along with contact lenses and eyeglasses, we also offer a number of supplemental options and vision aids, such as sports vision wear, sunglasses, computer glasses, computer vision aids, swim goggles, hunting eyewear, and much more.

If you have any difficulty seeing when you are working or driving or have found that your vision is more strained lately, we have the right solutions for your problem.

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Various Treatment Options

We can provide a variety of treatment options to best meet your needs and lifestyle. Whether you are interested in eyeglasses and contact lenses or would like to find out about eye exercises and surgery, we’ve got you covered.

We can also adjust your vision treatment plan at any time to accommodate your changing vision and overall health needs. We will negotiate with your vision insurance company to get the most from your plan and can assist you in finding the right option for your budget.

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