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Frequently Asked Questions

How early and often should my child have an eye exam?

The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends that infants should have their first eye exam when 6 months old. Then they should have routine comprehensive exams again at age 3 and age 5 or 6 (just before kindergarten or 1st grade).

Once they are in school, the AOA recommends kids get an eye exam every 2 years if they don’t need vision correction or every year if they wear contacts or glasses.

Please note that vision screenings conducted at schools detect only very major/obvious vision problems. Children can pass a school screening but still have a vision problem that can affect their learning and academic performance.

A comprehensive eye exam by an optometrist can detect vision problems that a school screening may miss. It also includes an evaluation of your child’s overall eye health, which is not part of a school screening.

Which areas do you service?

Our Fremont family optometry practice has serviced the Tri-City communities since 1977.

Do you accept my vision insurance plan?

Our office negotiates with most major vision insurance plans, including EyeMed, Medicare, MESC, and VSP. It takes just one phone call to see if you qualify.

How safe is my health care information?

Staff members can disclose patient-related health information to a family member, guardian, or health-care worker in the event of an emergency situation or if you were incapacitated. Only the most necessary details will be shared. Your health information will not be used for marketing communications without your written permission.

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